Dean Bridge

Dean Bridge

Looking south towards the West End, Edinburgh

Lamp Posts and bus on Dean Bridge  -  April 2010

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Steven Oliver, Duns, Borders, Scotland:                           Photo taken September 17, 2011


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    Lamp Posts and bus on Dean Bridge  -  April 2010


Lamp Posts

Thank you to Steven Oliver for allowing me to reproduce this photo of Dean Bridge.  Steven waited for some time until the road was clear of traffic before he took this photo.

Stephen wrote:

Lamp Posts on the Bridge

"Here is a photo of the Dean Bridge showing all three lamp posts with their new lanterns. I took this photo from the pedestrian crossing just beyond the north end of the bridge yesterday afternoon.  The lampposts are

-  Left foreground - MacKenzie Bros column, ex-Market Street, 2011.  This column retains its full scrollwork on the bracket

-  Middle distance - MacKenzie Bros column, original to the bridge.  Note that part of the outer scrollwork on this column's bracket is missing - this was removed when the column was fitted with a sodium lights in the late-1950s.  Later conversions utilised an extension tube (see below).

-  Left background - Falkirk Iron Co column, ex-Lutton Place, 1989.  Just visible is the extension tube -  a modification usually associated with MacKenzie Bros columns during the later phase of the conversions to sodium lighting - between the bracket and the lantern which gives the impression of a longer 'lantern drop' than is normally the case on these columns"

Steven Oliver, Duns, Borders, Scotland:  September 22, 2011