49 Carrick Knowe Hill



Photo 1


Coronation Party

Photo taken on Coronation Day - June 2, 1953  -  Large Group  -  Where?

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Nigel Baxter, Boston, Lincolnshire, England                                      Photographer not known


Photo 2


Google Earth View

49 Carrick Knowe Hill - location of the Coronation Party photo taken in 1953

   Google,  This page has been taken from the Google Earth web site,
 with acknowledgement to Alistair Adams for providing this photo.




49 Carrick Knowe Hill

Photo 1

When I added Photo 1 - a photograph of a Coronation Party in 1953 - to the web site,  I asked if anybody knew any of the people in this photo or knew where the photo might have been taken.

Photo 2

Thank you to Alistair Adams for coming up with the answer and providing this image of what appears to be the same house, though somewhat modified.

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Danny Callaghan

Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland

I thought the discussion of Photo 1 above might have come to an end when I received Photo 2 -  the Google Earth picture of 49 Carrick Knowe Hill.

However, Danny Callaghan now raises two questions about photo 1:

Danny wrote:


Not 1953

"I believe that Photo 1 would not have been taken in 1953.  The windows are still taped to stop the glass shattering during bomb raids.

I would guess that it was taken during an 'End of War' party in 1945."

Not 9 Carrick Knowe Hill

"I don't believe that the house in Photo 1 is 49 Carrick Knowe Hill.

I'm sure that the houses behind in the Google view (Photo 2) would also show in Photo 1 if Photo 1 was a photo of  49 Carrick Knowe Hill.  However, I agree that the hill in the background could be Corstorphine Hill.

 Could Photo 1 perhaps be a photo of Carrick Knowe Drive, as this would not have had houses behind?  However the trees around the school now hide the hill.

Or could Photo 1 perhaps have been taken on one of the other Mactaggart & Mickel developments around Edinburgh, such as Colinton Mains?"


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