Police Box

On the corner of Bonnington Road and Burlington Street, Leith

This police box has now been removed.

When might this photo have been taken?

Police Box on the corner of Bonnington Road and Burlington Street, Leith

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Phil Glancy


Bonnington Road  -  Police Box


Thank you to Phil Glancy for allowing me to reproduce this photo that includes a Police Box near the centre of the photo.  The box is on the corner of Bonnington Road (the road in the foreground) and Burlington Street (the road leading out of thephoto, top centre).


I found the advertising board for John Barry Ltd, on the gable end at the right hand side of the picture, and the adverts in the centre of the picture to be interesting.


1.  Do you recognise what was being advertised?

2.  Can you suggest when this photo might have been taken?

That looks like an early mini-van in Bonnington Road, and a small car, a Hillman Imp or similar,  emerging from Burlington Street.

Acknowledgement:  Phil Glancy:  December 9, 2010




Brian Swanney

Dunedin, Otago,New Zealand

Thank you to Brian Swanney who wrote:

Old Poster

"It may be just wishful thinking, or a long-neglected desire, but could the left-hand advert be for a Duncan's Walnut Whirl:

-  on the left, the walnut

-  beside it, the lovely thick top chocolate munched, exposing the white, fluffy filling.

The other advert, I could not make out - if they are separate adverts.

Old Poster

"I'm only guessing, but I think the photo may have been taken in the early- to mid-1960s."

Brian Swanney, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand:  December 16, 2010



Phil Glancy

Thank you to Phil Glancy who wrote:

Old Poster

"There is no doubt that the advert on the left is for Duncan's Walnut Whips.

I've sent the URL to a woman who stayed just behind the police box. She has a great memory, so with a bit of luck she might know more about the photo."

Phil Glancy:  December 17, 2010



Sandy Sandilands

Thank you to Sandy Sandilands who wrote:

Sandilands Place

"I think the building on the corner of Bonnington Road and Burlington Street (facing the police box) is 'Sandilands Place' which was built by my 3 x great grandfather in 1866

This is the first photograph I've seen of Burlington Street prior to demolition (despite searching for over 30 years) but it would appear to fit the description in the Feu Charter and Valuation Rolls - which is of Sandilands Place: a public house, 2 shops and 6 "houses."

Feu Charter

"that piece of ground having a frontage to the Bonnington Road of sixty five feet or thereby and having another frontage to Burlington Street of sixty five feet or thereby and which said street is to be immediately laid off and made by me at my expense to the full extent of the frontage to said street and which said piece of ground hereby feued is part of my Lands of Redhall and is bounded on the north by Burlington Street on the East by Bonnington Road and on the south and west by part of the said Lands of Redhall presently unfeued as the same is delineated and coloured green on the plan annexed and signed as relative hereto with sight subject to the reservation after mentioned in common with the other persons whose possessions shall surround the same to the common green at the back forming a triangle between Bonnington Road Burlington Street and Albert Road which piece of ground forms part of certain portions of the Lands of Pilrig".

"David Sandilands and his foresaids shall be bound and obliged to erect and complete prior to the term of Whitsunday eighteen hundred and sixty seven in all time thereafter to have and maintain in good condition and repair upon the ground hereby feued buildings with stone fronts to the value of at least eight hundred pounds"

"I hope I am correct:)

 Phil Glancy:  December 17, 2010



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