Beaverhall Road

Duncan's Chocolate Factory


Beaverhall Road  -  W & M Duncan's Chocolate Factory, around 1927

  Reproduced by courtesy of Phil Wilson


Beaverhall Road

Duncan's Chocolate Factory


Above is a photograph owned by Phil Wilson, showing a some of his family, one wearing a 'cloche' hat, all sitting in front of J & M Duncan's Chocolate Factory around 1927.  The factory is advertising its 'Bo Peep Chocolates'.

Duncan's Chocolate Factory remained at this site until the 1990s when it moved to the West of Scotland.  I visited the factory shortly before it moved and it appeared to be in a better state than in the photograph above.  There were less out-buildings, chimneys and fields to be seen.

The old factory still exists and is used by the British Red Cross and several other companies.  Much of the area around the factory has been redeveloped with new housing.


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