Anderson Place


'The Bonnington Bond'

Looking north down Anderson Place -  towards Ferry Road

Anderson Place, Leith  -  Looking north towards Ferry Road  -  2006

  Peter Stubbs.   Photograph taken:  15 June 2006,  3.07pm

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  Anderson Place, Leith  -  Looking north towards Ferry Road  -  2006


Anderson Place

Anderson Place runs to the north from Bonnington Road towards South Fort Street and Ferry Road, through what was an industrial area for much of the 19th and 20th centuries.

There are still a number of small industries in the area, and the old railway line still crosses Anderson Place, heading for the arch in the building above.

However, some of the larger industrial buildings, including the one above, have now been converted to housing.

This view looks down the street towards Ferry Road.

looking north

   Anderson Place, Leith  -  Looking north towards Ferry Road  -  2006

Here is a view that looks in the opposite direction - up the street towards Bonnington Road:

looking south

Anderson Place  -  Looking south towards Bonnington Road



'The Bonnington Bond'

Thank you to George T Smith, British Columbia, Canada who wrote:

The Bonnington Bond?

"Today's photograph of a large building in Anderson Place stirred memories.

Was it formerly "The Bonnington Bond"?

It looks like a former bonded warehouse.  They are lousy subjects for conversion as legally the walls had to be 14 inches thick and the windows are small.

Many  years ago I was offered a floor in one, for about 8,000, overlooking the Thames at Wapping Old Stairs, but had not the foresight to see it valued at well over a million  today."

George T Smith, British Columbia, Canada:  June 18, 2006


Yes, the photograph above is of Bonnington Bond.

In 2002, Cuckfield developers converted this old whisky bond to 104 apartments. 

They also converted the 9-storey sugar bond beside it to offices and built a new 6-storey office block named Anderson House on the same site.

Peter Stubbs  -  June 18, 2006



Anderson Place

Thank you to Donald Grant, Penicuik, Midlothian, who wrote:

Anderson Place

"The House of Clydesdale service department (where I served my apprenticeship) was in Anderson Place in Leith. It was in the building that can just be seen in this photo, on the extreme left of the photo just in shot and no more.

Anderson Place, Leith  -  Looking north towards Ferry Road  -  2006

The building used to be a biscuit factory and was numbered 6, Anderson Place.  Both firms are now history!

You can just see the entrance to the lane at the side of the building in the left foreground. This led into the old railway goods yard on which John Lewis built their warehouse in the 1970s.  At the head of the lane was a chemical works which if I recall correctly made soap."

The Old Bond

"Moving across to the old bond I have to say I don't recall the low section of wall half way along, I'm pretty sure that must have been created during the conversion process as I remember it as a huge curtain wall throughout its length.  Note that just past that section a large archway can be seen.

That was where the railway from the goods yard entered the building so obviously the bond must have had it's own private siding. I've not been down there for a long time but even in my day the rails were still in the roadway."   **

**   Reply     

The Railway

"Yes, Donald.   I can confirm that the rails are still there in Anderson Place. 

I've now added a photo of them and a few comments about them to the web site.

Anderson Place

    Railway line crossing the road -  Anderson Plce, Leith

Please click on the thumbnail image above to enlarge it and read the comments about the rails.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  May 23, 2013


Donald Grant, Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland:  April 23, 2008



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