Colin Campbell

Studio at 31 Princes Street


Postcard portrait by Colin Campbell, 31 Princes Street, Edinburgh  -  Evelyn Hunt's family around 1919

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Evelyn Hunt
 (née Alford), Georgetown, Ontario, Canada


Postcard Portrait

Thank you to Evelyn Hunt (née Alford), Georgetown, Australia for allowing me to reproduce this postcard portrait from the studio of Colin Campbell at 31 Princes Street.

I have found several addresses for Colin Campbell's studios in the old trade directories, but no mention of a studio at 31 Princes Street, so I did not know when he was based there.

However, Evelyn Hunt helped to provide an answer when she wrote:

Family Photo

"Here is a postcard portrait by Colin Campbell.  His embossed stamp in the lower right corner gives his address as 31 Princes Street, Edinburgh.

My mother noted "About 1919' on the back of the postcard.

The photo is of  my grandmother and my 2 uncles and 1 aunt.   The year, 1919, is probably correct as the children were born:

-   Dec 26, 1909

-  July 29, 1911 and

-  July 31, 1916.

Evelyn Hunt (née Alford)


Postcard Portraits