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St Giles Tower

Edinburgh Royal Mile

St Giles' Tower

Postcard by W R & S  - The Tower of St Giles' Church in the Royal Mile

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   Postcard by W R & S  - St Giles' Tower  -  Watercolour by IMC


St Giles Tower


Here is the steeple of St Giles Church in the High Street, part of Edinburgh's Royal Mile.  This steeple is a familiar sight on the skyline of the ridge that forms Edinburgh's Royal Mile leading down from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace.

The Painting

This picture appears on a WR&S postcard, probably from the early 1900s.   It is based on a painting by IMC, whose initials appear near the bottom-right corner of the postcard.

 I have not yet discovered who IMC was, but Gareth Rees who has some watercolour views by IMC writes:

"It may be Isabella McLean Cronyn (married name Couchman)."

Gareth Rees, Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales:  Mar 31 + Apr 1, 2010

Here is another postcard based on a painting by IMC:

 Edinburgh Castle

    Postcard by W R & S  - Edinburgh Castle  -  Watercolour by IMC




Bob Hindley

Oldham, Lancashire, England

 Edinburgh Castle

Thank you to Bob Hindley who saw this postcard with the initials of the painter 'IMC' on the web site and wrote:


Isabella McLean Couchman

Your web page shows a picture of a postcard of St Giles Tower initialled IMC and suggests "It may be Isabella McLean Cronyn (married name Couchman)."

    Postcard by W R & S  - St Giles' Tower  -  Watercolour by IMC

Isabella Couchman, wife of Frances Dundas Couchman, was born Daisy Isabella McMahon though by the time of her marriage to Frances, she had switched to using the name Isabella McLean, McLean being her mother's maiden name.

So the initials IMC would refer to Isabella McLean Couchman. She privately printed a book of poetry under the name IMC (Lady Couchman) in 1942.


She did indeed have connections in Edinburgh.  Some time after her father's death (1994) she moved from Bedford to 25 Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh.

She was there in 1899.  She travelled from Edinburgh to India in 1901 and was married to Frances out there in 1902.  She revisited Edinburgh in 1904 after returning from India.

Her papers are to be found in the British Library India Office in the Library's Asian & African Studies Print Room at St Pancras in London.

Bob Hindley, Oldham, Lancashire, England January 1, 2013


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