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Fishing Study

From a Medal Photograph

Fishing Study

Postcard  -  M Wane & Co  - Fishing Study  -  from a Medal Photograph

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Saint Bernard's Well

The View

Marshall Wane won medals and awards in many photographic exhibitions.  Here are some of them

 Cabinet Print (back)  -  Photographer: Marshall Wane

He made one of his award-winning pictures into a postcard.

The Postcard

This postcard was posted from Tranent (on the Firth of Forth to the east of Musselburgh) to Dundee on 17 March 1903.

The card has a divided back, allowing both the message and address to be written on the back, but this writer has followed the earlier practice of writing his message on the front of the card.  The message is finished on the back!

The first sentence reads:

"This is not a Tranent V.P.C. but will perhaps suit you as well."

What is 'V.P.C.'?  Is it 'View Post Card'?

Marshall Wane

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