Post card  -  Tuck's "Oilette" series

John Knox House

Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Tuck's Post Card  -  "Oilette" Series

Raphael Tuck "Oilette" postcard  - John Knox House

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      Raphael Tuck "Oilette" postcard  - John Knox House


John Knox House

Tuck's "Oilette" series

Here is  a postcard from the Raphael Tuck & Sons' "Oilette" Edinburgh - series v (7253). 

This card reproduces a painting by John Blair

Many "Oilette" cards were produced in the first decade of the 20th century, but this one was not posted until March 1925.  It appears to be from a later series.  It does not have the textured, 'brush-stroke' appearance of some of Tuck's early "Oilette" cards.

Tuck's description on the back of this card reads:

"John Knox House in High Street, Edinburgh, is notable as being the old manse or residence of John Knox, the famous Scotch minister and ecclesiastical reformer.

Here he resided from 1559 to 1572.  The interior of the house is well worth a visit, many relics of Knox being stored here."


John Knox House

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