Postcard  -  'National Series'

St Giles' Cathedral

and the

North British Railway Hotel

St Giles' Cathedral in the High Street, Edinburgh

'National Series' post card  -  St Giles Cathedral, High Street, Edinburgh

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   'National Series' post card  -  St Giles' Cathedral, High Street, Edinburgh



'National Series'

I have almost 30 post cards in the 'National Series' in my collection, but I have not yet discovered who published this series.  The card above appears to be one of the earliest.  It is one of two very similar cards.

-  Both were posted on December 30, 1904, to Miss Lizzie Oliver, Kelso.

-  Both are black + white views of Edinburgh with glitter added to the buildings.

-  Both have  been stamped in with an ink stamp on the back  "Liable to Letter Rate  E.H"

Here is the other card:

 'National Series' post card  -  Princes Street and the North British Railway Hotel




Ellen Fitzsimons

Thank you to Ellen Fitzsimons for answering the question that I asked above.

Ellen wrote:

National Series

Publishers: Miller & Laing

"You talk about the National Series and not knowing who the publisher is. It is most likely Millar & Lang from Glasgow.

If you have access to Anthony Byatt's book "Picture Postcards and their Publishers" p. 186-187 you can read more about it. They also have illustrations of various trade marks used."

Ellen Fitzsimmons: February 17, 2014


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