Dalkeith Hospital

Whitehill, Midlothian

Around 1912

Postcard  -  Dalkeith  Hospital  -  photographed around the time of its opening in 1912

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Craig Statham


Whitehill Business Centre  -  2008  -  formerly Dalkeith Fever Hospital

Donald Grant, Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland.                                                                                  Photograph taken April 29, 2008


Postcard  -  c.1912

Thank you to Craig Statham, who lived beside Whitehill Hospital for many years, for allowing me to reproduce the postcard with the photograph taken around 1910.  This postcard was published by JM & Co, and is No 1186 in their Caledonian Series.

Craig wrote:

Dalkeith Fever Hospital

"This is the only postcard that I know of showing the old fever hospital at Whitehill around the time of its opening.  It is likely there are other old photographs of it, but I can't remember ever having seen any."

Craig Statham:  January 6, 2008


Photo 2008

Thank you to Donald Grant for allowing me to reproduce two of his photos taken in April 2008.  Donald has also told me more about the hospital and its history. 

Donald wrote:

"The hospital became a school, then an Adult Education Centre.  Now, the buildings are collectively named Whitehill Business Centre."

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Dalkeith Fever Hospital, Whitehill  -  Background and History

Here is a photograph of a plaque above one of the doors of the hospital, taken in 2008.  It says that the hospital was erected in 1912.

Plaque above a door at Dalkeith Fever Hospital, Whitehill, Midlothian


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