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Tolbooth Wynd


 Postcard  -  Early 1900s

J M Postcard  -  Leith, Tolbooth Wynd

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   J M Postcard  -  Leith, Tolbooth Wynd


Tolbooth Wynd


This postcard dates from the early 1900s.  It has not been posted.

Tollbooth Wynd was named after the tolbooth that was erected on its south side in 1545.  The street must have had an earlier name as it is believed to date back to the 13th century.

It was one of two 'Winds' or public ways leading to the shore.  They were:

-  Tolbooth Wynd, from the east

-  Broad Wind, from the west, following the course of Bridge Street

The Place Names of Edinburgh [Stuart Harris]


Both Tolbooth Wynd and Bridge Street can be seen on this 1925 map of Leith, close to the Water of Leith, to the south of Leith Docks.

This is a large map so may be very slow to load.

Edinburgh and Leith map, 1925  -  Leith section


Tolbooth Wynd still exists today, though all the buildings in the photograph above have now been demolished.


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