Ladies' College

Queen Street, Edinburgh

Around 1910

Postcard published by JM  -  Ladies' College, Queen Street, Edinburgh

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Postcard published by JM  -  Ladies' College, Queen Street, Edinburgh ©



Ladies' College, Queen Street, Edinburgh

The Postcard

This postcard was published by JM, Edinburgh, in the early 1900s.

The card has not been sent through the post.

The Buildings

The Ladies College at the west end of Queen Street, seen in this view, later became Mary Erskine School.

The site was redeveloped as Erskine House in 1964 and became home to investment managers and other companies.

The Sinclair Monument

This view looks to the east along Queen Street in the New Town of Edinburgh.

The statue straight ahead, near the centre of this picture, is on  the corner of Saint Colme Street and North Charlotte Street was erected, in 1866-68, to Catherine Sinclair, novelist and philanthropist.

Please see 'The Sinclair Monument' below for further details.

The Sinclair Fountain

Here is another monument in Edinburgh to Catherine Sinclair, 'The Sinclair Fountain'.  It stood at the West End of Princes Street from 1859 until it was removed 1926

Sinclair Fountain at the West End of Princes Street ©


The Sinclair Monument

Thank you to Barbara L Hiddleston, Dunnet, Caithness, Scotland, for telling me more about the Sinclair Monument.

Barbara wrote:

The Sinclair Monument

"The monument to Catherine Sinclair that stands at the corner of Queen Street and St Colme Street is some 60 feet high.  This wasn't erected until after her death in 1864.

The following notes are  based on a report in 'The Scotsman' newspaper of January 1, 1866:

'Plans by David Bryce to erect this monument have been put into the Council  Chambers.  John Rhind executed the monument between 1866 and 1868. 

The Sinclair Monument looks like a pillar from the Scott Monument, very gothic with lots of pinnacles, in the Scottish Baronial style.'

Written on the base of the Sinclair Monument is:

'Catherine Sinclair
b. 17 April 1800, died 6th August 1864.

She was the friend of all children and through her book ‘Holiday House’ speaks to them still. Beside success through her books many and popular, she endeared herself first in her philanthropic work.

Her Volunteer Brigade for the boys of Leith was the first of its kind. She initiated cooking depots for working men and erected the first drinking fountain in Edinburgh. Her hall for lectures and her work amongst the cabmen endeared her name to different sections of her fellow citizens.

The Monument was raised by some of her many friends.  The inscription, except the name and dates, was added in 1901 by her affectionate nephew Sir Tollemache Sinclair."

Barbara L Hiddleston, Dunnet, Caithness, Scotland:  March 27, 2008


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