Family Portrait

from the Edinburgh studio of

Drummond Shiels

The Oswald Family

Portrait of the Oswald Family by Drummond Shiels, Edinburgh

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to LIz Grieve, Bristol, Avon, England


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     Portrait of the Oswald Family by Drummond Shiels, Edinburgh ©


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     Portrait of the Oswald Family by Drummond Shiels, Edinburgh ©


Family Portrait from the Edinburgh studio of

Drummond Shiels

Thank you to Liz Grieve for allowing me to reproduce this photo. 

The photo is 14.9 cm x 10.1 cm.  It is mounted on board 28cm x 20.2 cm, bearing the photographer's 'Drummond Shiels, Edinburgh' name.

Liz wrote:

Oswald Family

"This portrait shows the Oswald Family.  It was taken at Drummond Shiels' studio.  From left to right are:

Charlotte Hunter (née Oswald)

-  Charles Hunter

Charlotte Oswald (great-grandmother)

-  Thomas Oswald

Violet Oswald, Jane Oswald (grandmother).

I think at one time there was a paper flap to cover the front of this photographs."

Date of the Photo

"Charlotte and Charles Hunter were married in 1913 and it looks like she is wearing a wedding ring, my grandmother Jane Oswald was married in 1918 and she is not wearing a ring in this photo, so I guess it was between 1913 and 1918."


"Do you have any idea what uniform Charles Hunter is wearing?"

Liz Grieve, Bristol, Avon, England:  February 1+13, 2011

Reply to Liz

If you can help to answer the question above, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to Liz.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  February 11, 2011



Bob Henderson

Burdiehouse, Edinburgh

Bob wrote:

Seaforth Highlanders

"The cap badge looks like the Seaforth Highlanders."

Bob Henderson, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh:  February 11, 2011



Al Lorentzen

Inverness, Illinois, USA

Al sent me an image of a Gordon Highlanders' cap badge and wrote:

Gordon Highlanders

"The cap badge sorta looks like the Gordon Highlanders."

Al Lorentzen, Inverness, Illinois, USA:  February 11, 2011

Gordon sent me an image of the Gordon Highlanders' cap badge, but I've not added it to the web site for copyright reasons.  However, please see 'Reply 4' before for links to web sites with cap badges.



George T Smith

Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

George wrote

Seaforth Highlanders

"A Google search confirms that the stag's head on the military cap badge is that of the Seaforth Highlanders."  ***

George T Smith, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada:  February 12, 2011

***  But see 'Reply 4' below




Peter Stubbs


Gordon Highlanders

"George is correct in saying that the Seaforth Highlanders' cap badge has a stag's head, but so does the Gordon Highlanders' cap badge.  Here are two pages from Google images showing these cap badges:

 -  Seaforth Highlanders  **

 -  Gordon Highlanders

The Gordon Highlander's badge looks, to me, to be the better match for the badge in this photo:

Portrait of the Oswald Family by Drummond Shiels, Edinburgh ©

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  February 12, 2011

**  Note:  One of the photos on this Google images Seaforth Highlanders page resembles the cap badge on the Swan Watson photo. However, following the link from this image explains why.

It is an image of an item for sale on the My Collections auction site.  It appears on the Seaforth Highlanders page because Seaforth Highlanders are mentioned in the description of the badge, but it is actually a Gordon Highlanders badge that is being sold.  The description reads:

Gordon Highlanders Cap Badge

The Gordon Highlanders was a British Army infantry regiment from 1881 until 1994.  The regiment was amalgamated with the Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforth and Camerons) in 1994 to form The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons) Scottish Regiment.

Price £6.75      W: 72mm    H: 68mm.


Drummond Shiels

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