Photograph of Scotland  -  No 22795 in the Poulton Series

Inveraray Steamer

Valley of the Tay

Photograph by T P Lugton in the Poulton series  -  Valley of the Tay

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Alex James, grandson of TP Lugton


Valley of the Tay

The photo was taken by Thomas Polson Lugton, and is No 22795 in his 'Poulton' series.  I don't know how many photos there were in this series or how the numbering system for the series works.

Thank you to Alex James for allowing me to reproduce this photo.  Alex is grandson of Thomas Polson Lugton, and tells me that me that this is one of several photos by T P Lugton that he has including:

All are 'proofs'.  i.e.  printed on very thin paper, rather than on photographic paper.  Most of them measure 11 ins x 9 ins.

The original photo sent by Alex James is black and white, but I have added some tone to the picture, so that it matches the only other photo that I have in the Poulton series:

Inveraray Steamer

   Photograph by T P Lugton in the Poulton series  -  Inveraray Steamer


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