Photograph by

Thomas Polson Lugton

First Tram Car in Edinburgh

Photograph by T P Lugton  -  First tram car in Edinburgh  

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Alex James, grandson of TP Lugton


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   Photograph by T P Lugton  -  First tram car in Edinburgh


Thomas Polson Lugton's Photos

Thank you to Alex James, grandson of T P Lugton, for sending me the photograph above.  A note written on the back of the photo describes it as 'The First Tram Car in Edinburgh'.

Alex James, grandson of T P Lugton, tells me that this is one of several photos he has including:

-  some published in Poulton series (a series of Scottish views taken by T P Lugton) and

-  a W R & S series view of Edinburgh Castle

All of these photos are described by Alex as 'proofs'.  i.e.  printed on very thin paper, rather than on photographic paper.  Most of them measure 11 ins x 9 ins.. 

I have attributed all the photos that Alex James mentions (above) to T P Lugton.


Edinburgh's First Cable Car

Thank you Alan Brotchie, author of several books on transport in and around Edinburgh, for the following comments.

Alex wrote:

The Tram

"This is, indeed, the first cable tram built in Edinburgh.  It later became number 112, although it doesn't appear to carry that number in the photo.

It was built in 1897 at Shrubhill by the Tramway Company, who had before this built many horse cars in their coachbuilding workshop at the back of Shrubhill.

It was slightly shorter than the later 'standard' cable tram, most of which were built by outside contractors.  (The Company could probably not build a large number quickly enough.)

The Building

The building behind is the former grain store and stables which stood until not that long ago north of Shrubhill Depot.

The car is on the horse car tracks (no cable slot) which ran between Shrubhill Depot and the ancillary buildings to the north.

Alan Brotchie, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland:  June 7, 2007


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