in his home at Heriot Mount, used to print

Wullie Croal's photos of Dumbiedykes

Home-made Enlarger

The enlarger used to print Wullie Croal's photographs of Dumbiedykes taken in the 1950s to 1970s

  Photograph reproduced with acknowledgement to Tam and Wullie Croal



Wullie Croal's son, Tam, wrote:

"This is the home-made enlarger that used when he made all the photos I have sent.  My dad and his brother Robert made this.

I don't know what became of it but it certainly done its job don't you think?"

Tam Croal, Edinburgh:  July 3, 2006

Wullie Croal's daughter, Joyce Ritchie, added:

"I'm glad my dad's photographs bring so much pleasure to so many people.

His enlarger was set up in our bedroom in Heriot Mount. Every time we saw the normal light bulb being replaced with a red one, my sister and I knew dad was going to be working, so we wouldn't be able to have our usual bedtime chatter, as dad demanded complete silence while he was working......bless.

Joyce Ritchie, London, March 6, 2009

Here is one of  Wullie's photos that Tam refers to.

Forbes Street  -  1970s

Davie Street, Dumbiedykes, around 1963

  Photo taken by Wullie Croal and reproduced with acknowledgement also to his son, Tam Croal.

As well as sending me a number of black and white photographs printed using the enlarger above, Tam also sent a  number of Wullie Croal's pictures in colour.

Here are some of Wullie's photos taken in Holyrood Park, sent to me by Tam:



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