Portrait of John


Edith M Horsburgh

Framed Painting

Portrait of John bu E Horsburgh

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Dagmawi Abebe, Los Angeles, California, USA


Portrait of John

Thank you to Dagmawi Abebe, for allowing me to reproduce this photo of a painting titled 'Portrait of John' by E Horsburgh.

Dagmawi acquired this painting recently, and is trying to discover more about the subject and the artist.

Dagmawi wrote:

Portrait of John

"The piece is titled "Portrait of John" and is signed "E Horsburgh  54". Additionally the sticker on the back states "Edith M Horsburgh, Portrait of John, 823 N? Campus Ave, Ontario, CA

John Horsburgh (photographer) had a daughter Edith M who had an older brother named John (John Jr).

I read, somewhere on the internet, that this Edith passed away in 1934, so it would be kind of an issue if she was painting portraits in 1954."


Which John Horsburgh?

"The EdinPhoto site also mentions a family of engravers named Horsburgh from Scotland, but the site doesn't have much biographical info on them."


Which Edith Horsburgh?

"Currently there's another Edith Horsburgh listed for sale.  The sale states:

 'Edith M Horsburgh was painting in the late-19th century.  Her home town was Aberdour in Fife.  We also believe she may have been the granddaughter of John Horsburgh the famous Scottish engraver.' "

Acknowledgement:  Dagmawi Abebe, Los Angeles, California, USA
March 23+28 +April 8, 2011



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