Painting by

Tom Curr

'Follow Me'

Religious painting by Edinburgh artist, Tom Curr  -  'Follow Me'

©  The Curr Family.  This image is from a 1930s reproduction, exact date to be determined.

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Dr Sandy Brewer, Galloway, SW Scotland


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Painting by Tom Curr

Tom Curr

Tom Curr was a member of Edinburgh Photographic Society and one of the EPS Open Exhibition held in 1936.  He also played a prominent role in the Boys' Brigade in Edinburgh.


Thank you to Dr Sandy Brewer for providing this image of one of Tom Curr's religious paintings.

This is one of two images said to be of Jesus in Edinburgh sent to me by Sandy.  If the view is  of Edinburgh, it appears to be looking to the north towards the chimneys of Leith, beside the Firth of Forth, perhaps taken from Arthur's Seat in Holyrood Park or from Calton Hill.

Sandy writes:

"This picture was enormously popular in the USA.  The Southern Baptists reproduced it on many of their publications for Sunday school."

Dr Sandy Brewer, Galloway, SW Scotland:  May 15, 2007


Sandy is currently writing a biography of Tom Curr. 

If you have any information about Tom Curr that you think may be of interest to Sandy, please e-mail me and I'll pass it on to her.

      Thank you.

-  Peter Stubbs:  May 21, 2007


Another Painting by Tom Curr

Here is the other religious painting by Tom Curr:

Painting by Tom Curr  -  Jesus in Edinburgh ©


Ink Drawing by Tom Curr

Thank you to Jacinth Cannop who wrote to tell me:

Ink Drawing

"I have an ink(?) drawing by Tom Curr of  Rev. James Willox Duncan, B.A. B.Th. in Dublin Street Baptist Church, Edinburgh.  The drawing is signed and dated 1932 in the lower left corner.

Rev James Willox Duncan

Rev. James Willox Duncan was assistant minister at Dublin St. Baptist Church when this was done.

He was a very close friend of ours here in Vancouver, British Columbia, and always had this framed drawing hanging on his apartment wall.  On the back he has written :

'Edinburgh Scotland Feb. 1932 by Tom Curr, famous Scottish cartoonist and painter.'

Rev James Wilson  passed away at age 96.

I would certainly be interested in any more information about the artist.   Thank you for any information you can give us. 

Jacinth Cannop, Vancouver, British Columbia:  September 3, 2008


Poster by Tom Curr

Question 1

Marion Moedt wrote:

"I have a poster named “Teach me Lord” by Tom Curr.  Do you know if they made many of these posters or is this a special one?"

Marion Moedt, Netherlands:  February 3, 2008

 If you can help me to answer this question, please e-mail me.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs


Painting by Tom Curr

Question 2

During July 2008, I have received email messages from three different people, all answering one of 100 questions in a Charity Quiz, and wondering if I knew the answer.  The question is:

"What painting by Tom Curr can be seen in every supermarket?"

Perhaps the answer to this can be found in another email that I received in July 2008.  The questioner asked:

"Did Tom Curr paint the picture used for years on the Scots Porridge Oats packaging?"

Peter Stubbs:  July 28 20o8


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