Studio Portrait



Jerome Studio Portrait

  Jerome Wallet to hold a photograph 5 ins x 3 ins

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Dave Morgan, Kessingland, Suffolk, England


Developing and Printing Wallet

The Wallet

This cardboard wallet is marked 'JEROME' on the inside, and holds a Jerome photo. The date is printed on the back of the photo in the style normally used by Jerome, using an ink stamp.  The date appears to be some time in the 1940s but it is not clear.

The wallet measures 6.4 ins x 4 ins.

The Photograph

The photograph inside measures 5 ins x 3 ins.  i.e. slightly smaller than the 'normal postcard size' of 5.25 ins x 3.25 ins used by Jerome in the 1920s and 1930s.

When and Where?

Please e-mail me if you know when Jerome use these wallets, and/or if were they used by all of their studios.

Thank you

Peter Stubbs:  May 18, 2007



Developing & Printing wallets