Eastern General


Eastern General Hospital  -  Seafield, Edinburgh
view from the SE corner of the grounds

Eastern General Hospital, Seafield, Edinburgh  -  photograph 2005

  Peter Stubbs                                                                                                                                   Photograph taken:31 October 2005

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     Eastern General Hospital, Seafield, Edinburgh  -  photograph 2005


Eastern General Hospital


Eastern General Hospital is at Seafield Street,  on the south side of Seafield Road, between Seafield Cemetery and Craigentinny Golf Course.

The view above is taken from the south-east corner of the site, looking north.  Below is another view of hospital buildings on the site:

Eastern General Hospital, Seafield, Edinburgh  -  photograph 2005

Edinburgh Hospitals

In the late-19th century and early-20th century, large hospitals were built around Edinburgh, including:

Western General Hospital

This is still in use as a major hospital.

Northern General Hospital

Demolished in 1990s and replaced by Morrison's Supermarket.

Eastern General Hospital

Sold to a developer.  Now [2005] part of the site is used as a nursing home.


Eastern General Hospital

 Closed  -  2007

The Eastern General Hospital.  This used to be on the south side of Seafield Road.   The hospital was built in 1906 by Leith Parish Council as a combined poor house and hospital.  Many of the wards were closed in the 1990s.  The last patients and staff left the hospital in January 2007.

The hospital buildings are to be demolished to make way for 200 private homes and a residential home for 60 pensioners.

Edinburgh Evening News:  January 19, 2007

Eastern General Hospital

 Update - 2012

Thank you to Kerris  who wrote:

"The Eastern General Hospital is totally gone now. There was a part that was listed but it mysteriously caught fire and had to be knocked down.

There are now some flats built there, and some of the land is still for sale and has been for a few years.  The only building left now is the mortuary and that's for sale too."

Kerris, Edinburgh:  January 10, 2012