Greenbank, Edinburgh

City Hospital Wards

now converted to housing

Rattray Grove  -  Christmas Eve 2009

City Hospital Wards  -   now converted to housing

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                             Photograph taken December 24, 2009


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   City Hospital Wards  -   now converted to housing


City Hospital Wards

City Hospital

The City Hospital was built as an isolation hospital in 1896 to 1903.  It was constructed from red sandstone. 

The hospital was built at Greenbank Drive, to the south of Morningside.  It was well away from other houses, when built.

About a century later, it was converted to housing, and is now surrounded by new housing.   The hospital wards lie to the north of the new road, Rattray Grove.

This photo looks to the NE across Rattray Grove towards the western-most hospital blocks in the row of four blocks all facing onto Rattray Road.


City Hospital

Greenbank Drive

Littlejohn Road

Rattray Grove

Rattray Loan

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