City Hospital

Workers around the table

I assume that these are all workers from the City Hospital.

One looks young, but he also appears on a photo taken outside the hospital.

Workers at the City Hospital, around a table

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Stirling, Currie, Edinburgh:  November 6, 2009                         Photographer not known


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   Workers at the City Hospital, around a table

City Hospital Workers

Outside the Hospital

Old Photo

Here is another lantern slide of what I assume are workers at the City Hospital.  The  hospital buildings can be seen in the background

Workers at the City Hospital, outside




Liz Miller

Jersey, Channel Islands

Thank you to Liz Miller who wrote:

TB Patients

"I think the lads in this photo would be Tuberculosis patients on the balcony, getting their fresh air.  When I was on the TB ward at Bangour, the beds were put on the veranda as soon as it was felt to be warm enough for them, and they stayed there till the weather got colder again.

I might add that I was there in March and there were men outside then, day and night!"

Liz Miller, Jersey, Channel Islands:  December 18, 2009


City Hospital

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