An old Flour Sack from

Chancelot Mill

Flour Sack from Chancelot Mill

Chancelot Mill, Bonnington - 1971?

Lesley Morgan, Hertfordshire, England


Chancelot Mill

Bonnington, Leith

Thank you to Lesley Morgan for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Lesley wrote:


"I grew up in Gosford Place immediately opposite Chancelot Mill.  I was 10 when the fire broke out and we were all sad as we watched it burn down.

Flour Sack

"Later when I was at Trinity Academy we had to do a project on where we lived.  So I went down to the new Chancelot Mill and asked if they had any information or photos they could give me to include in my project.  I was very kindly given an old flour sack which had a drawing of the Mill on the front of it."

The Mill

"I have taken this photo of it to remind people just what a lovely building it was."

Lesley Morgan, Hertfordshire, England:  May 13, 2010


Chancelot Mill

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