Bruce Peebles Factory

East Pilton, Edinburgh

2 March 1955

Bruce Peebles Factor, East Pilton - 2 March 1955

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Siemens Transmission & Distribution Ltd


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   Bruce Peebles Factor, East Pilton - 2 March 1955


Bruce Peebles Factories

East Pilton

Bruce Peebles moved to East Pilton in 1903.

This photograph looks to the south towards the Bruce Peebles factory and beyond it towards the Firth of Forth and Fife.  The photo appears to have been taken from high on a building close to Ferry Road.  The photo was taken on March 2, 1955.

The buildings are (left to right):

-  Transformer Dept.  A new purpose-built transformer factory was later built behind this Transformer Dept.  Construction began in 1961.

-   Offices

-   Welding Dept.

-   Rotating Electrical Machinery and Rectifier Depts.

-   General Stores

The company remained at East Pilton, manufacturing transformers until 1999 when it suffered a serious fire.  The fire occurred in the transformer factory that was built in the early 1960s.


This map shows the location of Bruce Peebles' works at East Pilton:

Pictorial Map of Edinburgh showing Bruce Peebles' works,  1866 to 1898  -  Zoom in to North Edinburgh

Leith Docks

 Following the 1999 fire at East Pilton, the company moved to new premises at Bath Road, Leith, just inside Leith Docks.

VA Tech Base  -  a former engineering workhouse in the south east corner of Leith Docks


The buildings in the photograph above are identified in Bruce Peebles' book ''The Story of Bruce Peebles 1866-1954''.


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