Bruce Peebles Factory

East Pilton, Edinburgh


Bruce Peebles Factory and Offices, East Pilton  -  1908

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Siemens Transmission & Distribution Ltd


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   Bruce Peebles Factor, East Pilton - 1908


Bruce Peebles Factories

East Pilton

Bruce Peebles moved to East Pilton in 1903.

Here is a 1908 view of the factory and offices at East Pilton.  This view looks to the SE towards the eastern part of the site.  Further west (out of the picture on the right) was the transformer factory.

This view appeared in the book

'The Story of Bruce Peebles 1866-1954'.


The buildings in the photograph above are identified in Bruce Peebles' book ''The Story of Bruce Peebles 1866-1954''.


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