Assembly Rooms

Commercial Street, Leith

Assembly Rooms

Railings removed 1910

Assembly Rooms, Constitution Street, Leith  -  Railings removed 1910

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Archie Foley, Joppa, Edinburgh


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   Assembly Rooms, Constitution Street, Leith  -  Railings removed 1910 ©


Leith Assembly Rooms

Constitution Street

This photo looks to the north down Constitution Street towards Leith Docks, just visible at the end of the road.  The Assembly Rooms are on the right, behind the railings.  The railings were removed in 1910.

Bernard Street

There is a ladder in the street at the corner of Constitution Street and Bernard Street, beside the statue to Burns (almost all of it is out of picture on the extreme left).  This statue is by sculptor David Watson Stevenson RSA (1842-1904).  It was unveiled in 1898.

Tram Posts

There are some elaborate posts on the pavement.  I assume that these are to carry the overhead wires for Leith's electric trams.

Acknowledgement:  Archie Foley, Joppa, Edinburgh:  January 14, 2010

This is one of a series of photos posted onto boards in an old album that Archie Foley acquired a few years ago.  Archie believes that these are likely to be official photos that probably once belonged to Leith City Council.





Frank Ferri

Newhaven, Edinburgh

Thank you to Frank Ferri who saw the old photograph of the Assembly Rooms above and wrote:

Dance Venue

"Leith Assembly Rooms were a very popular dance venue in the 1950s and early-1960s.  They were open 5 nights a week.  The   resident band was Alexander's.  Their  signature tune was 'Alexander's Rag Time Band'.

That's where I cut my dancing teeth, after attending the Saturday morning junior version of Stewarts at Abbey Mount.

Private Functions

"The venue changed to private functions in the late-1960s after Beatlemania took over and big band sounds were no longer popular.

Sadly, this was the last of the Leith public function rooms, now gone.  I attended many a wedding there. The building has now been converted into flats."

Leith Private Function Suites

"Leith private function suites, now gone, are:

-  Bakers Rooms, North Fort Street.

-  Corner Rooms, Ferry Road / North Junction Street.

-  Eagle Halls, Tower Street.

-  Eldorado, Mill Lane.

-  Lansbury Rooms, on the  corner of Academy Street (formerly Morton Street) and Duke Street.

-  No 5 Masonic Halls, Queen Charlotte Street.

-  Old Palace Ballroom, above Leith Woolworths.

-  Unionist Rooms, Leith Walk."

Frank Ferri, Newhaven, Edinburgh:  January 15, 2011



Henry (Hank) Kaczynski

Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Henry Kaczynski wrote:

Wedding Reception

"The wedding reception for my first marriage in October 1962 was held in the Assembly Rooms.  I was married at St. Mary’s Star of the Sea, Leith.  My in-laws lived at 2 Links Place at that time."

Henry (Hank) Kaczynski, Annapolis, Maryland, USA:  January 15, 2011




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